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After much research, this 12 letter dictionary word, supererogate, was registered in the .com top level domain (TLD) name space on October 20th, 2020.

Research shows that is published in most major English language dictionaries. Even the few dictionaries that do not include the verb, supererogate, all do publish the noun, supererogation (the act of supererogating) which is a term still used in religion, debate and law.

Supererogate Definitions:

Lexico (powered by the Oxford Dictionary)
"In Roman Catholic doctrine: to do more than what God requires or commands, thereby earning merit for others; to perform a work or works of supererogation. Hence, more generally: to do more than is required or necessary. 

Definitions (Webster's Dictionary definition)
"To do more than duty requires; to perform works of supererogation; to atone (for a deficiency in another) by means of a surplus action or quality." (Random House Unabridged Dictionary definition)
"To do more than duty requires." 

The Free Dictionary (American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition definition.)
"To do more than is required, ordered, or expected."

Your Dictionary
"To do more than is required, ordered, or expected." 

Collins English Dictionary
obsolete: "To do or perform more than is required."

1. theology, Catholicism: "To do more than God commands."
2. obsolete: "To make up with excess for the lack prepositioned by for."
3. obsolete: "To supererogate (in any sense) in the service of the prepositional argument."
4. obsolete: "To give that earned through supererogation to another."
5. obsolete: "As in other senses but taking as an object the excess deeds or works."
6. obsolete: "To deserve or more than deserve."
7. obsolete: "To pay or expend extra."

"To overacheive in a task; to acheive perfection; to perform excellence under God's judgement; to go beyond the call of duty (especially to accommodate for a lack of accomplishment of another)."

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The domain name,, is available for purchase to the right owner. Supererogate is a very positive 12 letter dictionary word, a verb meaning 'to overachieve' & 'to excel', along with other positive connotations. You can contact me, Doug Peters (the present registrant), through the following form if you are interested in acquiring it.

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